Including PDFs with 'pdfpages'

→ Included in the report/thesis template by default. Add \usepackage{pdfpages} to the preamble of the article template to use it there.

In some cases it might be useful or required to include another PDF document inside of your report or thesis. For example, if you want to include a PDF cover that was created in different program. In such cases, the package pdfpages can be used.

Adding a PDF file

The main command of the package is as follows:


The option pages=<value> can be used to specify which pages have to be inserted in the document. It is possible to specify a comma-separated list of page numbers (pages={1,4,6}) or include a range of page numbers (pages={4-7}). The latter also allows the insertion of all pages with pages=-. As an example: the following command will insert all pages of the document example.pdf:


More Information

This webpage only describes the basic usage. If you have any questions, try searching for an answer online or take a look at the package documentationopen in new window. For questions, suggestions or issues related to the template or this documentation, feel free to contact me.