Including Code with 'listings'

→ Included in the report/thesis template by default. Add \usepackage{listings} to the preamble of the article template to use it there. See below for the additional settings used.

In order to easily add source code to LaTeX documents, listings or minted are often used. As the latter has some prerequisites and requires access to the shell to function, the package listings is used in the report/thesis template.

Adding Source Code

Adding displayed code can be done by creating a lstlisting environment and adding the source code to that environment. An example with Python as the programming language can be found below:

# Impressive sample code

someText = "Hello World"

for i in range(5):

Stand-alone files can also be inserted directly:


Package Options

One way to define the formatting of the source code is by using the \lstset{} command. The following settings are used in the report/thesis template:

  basicstyle=\ttfamily\footnotesize,  % Style of the font that is used for the code
  backgroundcolor=\color{gray!10},    % Background color
  keywordstyle=\color{red!75!black},  % Keyword style
  stringstyle=\color{green!40!black}, % String style
  commentstyle=\color{blue!30!black}, % Comment style
  numbers=left,                       % Add line numbers on the left side
  numbersep=5pt,                      % Decrease distance between line numbers and code
  numberstyle=\tiny,                  % Line number style
  breaklines=true,                    % Line break automatically

A more complete summary of the customization options can be found hereopen in new window.

More Information

This webpage only describes the basic usage. If you have any questions, try searching for an answer online or take a look at the package documentationopen in new window. For questions, suggestions or issues related to the template or this documentation, feel free to contact me.